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My audio Recordings



This is put in English, as Dutch people have less problems to speak that language then foreigners which must speak Dutch.



Before 2000 I started with a singing class.
Because of that I was able to perform at concerts, starting with those of all the students of the teacher.

Every number of music will tell when that was.

I also started with some collegue-singers a group called Musicata (around 1999) ...., 1 soprano, 1 alto-mezzo (me) , 1 tenor and 1 bariton.

Sadly the records are just from the 3 voices, because the Tenor was ill at the moment of the concert


At the first concert of all the students of the teacher around 1998 or the years before I sang the song together with the teacher, called "Ich wollt meine Lieb ergösse sich" of Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy.

But this record is from a concert at a geriatric Home where we performed with Musicata.

In 2000 or 2001, after my father died in 2000, I choosed the song of the Opera Elias in the students-concert: "Sei stille dem Herrn" , like Kathleen Ferrier sang this years and years ago. She did it in English and the lyrics are:
Oh, Rest in the Lord, wait patently for him. For he shall give thee, your hearts desire


Because i sang this english song before my father died to help him go, And what made me feel good and also very sad...... he became very quiet and restfull during and after this singing....I noticed and a few minutes later he passed away at March 10 2000 at 2:00 AM.


I will put my songs here, all recorded in the period of 1998-2001. If you just click on the Download-link then the page opens in a new screen.  Real downloading will happen after following the instructions below the player.


It also might be possible that you have to change the slider of the speaker . So if you hear nothing, and the volumebar is with your mouse on the speaker-icon and change the volume you like.


I might have made a smal mistake in a few performances, but well....I am just an I am sorry.



1.  "Ich wollt meine Lieb ergösse sich" from Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy.

Sung together with the soprano of Musicata


2. The Largo "Ombra mai fu" from Georg Friedrich Händel;

Sung at a concert in a little church for amateur-musicians and singers.


3. "Sei stille dem Herrn" also from Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy.

See above for the explanation.



4. "Freude und Glück" At Oct 13 2000 during my brother's and his wife's wedding in the Church .

 "Ombra mai fu" from The Largo of Händel's Xerxes fit in a German text with all kinds of wishes.


5. An "Ave Maria" composed by a Dutchman called Cuyper.

I sang this in the church at the wedding of my brother while they visited the Statue of Maria.



Duets and Terzets and Solo's at a concert in a geriatric home:

1. Classic



A duet from the soprano and me singing the Duet of Ave Maria of Mozart




2. The sound of Music



Solo of  "The Hills are alive"


Duet with the soprano of the song "Edelweiss"



The tree of us singing   "Climb every mountain"




Other songs:



Duet with the bariton about an operette-song  "Wien, wien, nur du allein"



A Terzet with the soprano and bariton and me about the song in the gondola; "Barcarolle"



A terzet about the Austrian schlager "Sag beim abschied leide Servus"



The 3 of us singing 2 old dutch songs about our nature in the woods.


In mean time....enjoy my music and in case of comment, just use my contactform.